About Rolfing

Rolfing works with the connective tissue network and uses movement awareness to help release, re-align and balance the whole body


Rolfing is a hands on body-work method developed by Dr Ida Rolf (PhD in Biochemistry) from the 1950s. Her work was based on two important insights:  that the body is more at ease and moves most efficiently when it is balanced well in gravity. Secondly, that the body is a system of seamless networks rather than a collection of separate parts.

Does any of this sound familiar?

"I'd like to be able to sit up and stand straighter but without feeling stiff and tense."

"I've had an accident and would like to regain my strength and confidence."

"I'd like to take time to reconnect with myself.  I want to enjoy a process where I have time to sense and reflect on how I feel physically and emotionally".

"My body feels tense and I find it hard to relax".

"I have back pain and have tried a lot of different treatments but it keeps coming back."

Rolfing can free up tight tissues and help you become more aware of how you move.  It can loosen structural restrictions and areas subjected to injury. It works with a combination of support and stimulus so that you feel grounded and at the same time lifted in the field of gravity.  I have worked with people whose body is their tool - actors and dancers - and after the series they have felt more potential for expression and movement.

Rolfing  works in a holistic way so that it doesn't just treat symptoms but looks at how the structure of the whole body relates and how habits might be causing tension or imbalance.

Rolfing can also help you acknowledge trauma in a safe and supported way so that you can choose to let go of protective patterns of behaviour or physical holding.


As the series unfolds clients usually feel more flexible, lighter and have more energy. 


A Rolfing session is 60 minutes long.   An initial series usually consists of 10 sessions. The spacing between sessions is flexible depending on what works well for you.  Each session builds on the results of the previous ones.  

As the series progresses clients usually feel more flexible, lighter and have more energy.  Unnecessary tension is released and movement requires less effort.

Rolfing Sessions