Feeling like an inch taller as if an invisible string from above is pulling me, has been one of those uplifting experiences each and every time after being Rolfed by Loan.
Sven, Designer and  Founder of Po-zu natural shoes

My sessions with Loan were deeply rewarding and restorative -  in both body and mind.  Her calm gentleness and care, together with her outstanding Rolfing skills were a pleasure to experience.
Harriet, Business coach

The sessions with Loan have supported a transition into a new phase of my life. Loan has helped track the embodiment of that transformation making it real and physical; helping me deal with the past and move into the future. Loan is sensitive and brings a wealth of experience to her work.  It has been powerful work and I always felt in safe hands.  
Claire, Director 

The Rolfing course I have undergone with Loan has had a transformative effect on my posture and body awareness.  The results were achieved in a gentle manner, it was not the painful process I was expecting having read about Rolfing on the internet.  I would highly recommend Loan to anybody thinking about doing Rolfing, and I would also recommend Rolfing as a therapy.  The Rolfing has had the secondary effect of improving my golf swing! 
Richard, Actuary

Rolfing with Loan often feels like magic - every time I leave a session i have this feeling of physical and mental effortlessness.  The Rolfing sessions were such a liberating experience - I wish everyone could experience them one day! Loan is a gifted Rolfing therapist, very sensitive, wise and always with a relaxed smile..  
Elvira, Designer

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You can find out more about the history of Rolfing, training and frequently asked questions here:  The Community of Interbeing  is a network for people in the UK who practise Buddhism according to the teachings of Zen master Thich Nhat Hanh Breathe London is the wellbeing centre where I practice on Saturdays.  It has a skilful team of complementary therapists.

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